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Do People Really Get Addicted To Chocolate?

Submitted by on 19th Jun 2013

Yes people, especially women, can become dependent on chocolate; but it is important to understand that chocolate is not an addictive substance itself. A dependency on chocolate can occur however, but as a result of more complex combinations of physical and psychological reasons and in the physical, are thought to be more commonly connected to […]


Emotional Maltreatment: The Abuse That’s Not Easy To See

Submitted by on 2nd Jun 2013

Lots has been written about the catastrophic effects of physical or sexual abuse during childhood and adolescence. There is no doubt these events often leave an individual traumatised and unable to fully function in life, relationships and work. Something characterised as traumatic, for an individual, often occurs retroactively (as meaning is later constructed – or […]


Coping with abandonment feelings

Submitted by on 1st Jun 2013

Abandonment feelings can be some of the most difficult emotions to bear. The sense of isolation, loneliness, hurt, rage and hopelessness that often present with abandonment feelings make the experience even more daunting and excruciating. No wonder so many of us run around trying to avoid acknowledging or experiencing abandonment feelings in their full force. […]