The term developmental loss is sometimes referred to in grief and loss counseling. This term implies the loss of something intangible or physical. Obviously, losing a job is not on the same physical level as losing a loved one. General depression feels differently than depression brought on by a relationship breakup.

We grow in life and we develop our skills and responsibilities over time. When we lose the things we have, this can cause grief of a different sort. It is only natural to feel depressed after losing your job. What though of losing your entire career or purpose in life? This can be a crippling depression and has even driven some people to suicide.

We do not always have the power to change things. If you have been made redundant in a promising career position, then you must cope with that event. You cannot spend the rest of your life hating the people who criticized you. You cannot find peace by bargaining or by rationalizing what an injustice has taken place.

The goal of grief and loss counselling is to help you find peace through acceptance. We do not have to approve of such negative things, but we must learn practical coping mechanisms to deal with the pain. A life of denial and addiction will only cause you to spiral into emotional oblivion.

Depression can result from any number of scenarios. Some people become depressed when they realize they are getting older. Some regret decisions of the past or instances of relationship turmoil. Others feel they lack control in their life.

Regardless of the issue, you can overcome the pain. Coping with grief is much easier when you have a professional to guide you through the healing process. People need people. We all need comfort and a listening ear. We all need closure. If you live in the Bentleigh or Bayside area, then look up loss counseling. Counselling in Bentleigh and counselling in Bayside may be able to help you through this difficult time.

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