The Importance of Loss Counselling

Submitted by Adam Szmerling on Tue, 2010-02-09 11:33

Losing someone you love is a traumatic experience. The emotional repercussions of loss can be similar or even comparable to PTSD. When you deeply love someone and then suddenly lose that relationship, you must have closure; you must begin a healing process. This is what is involved in loss counselling.

After losing someone close, many people will try to skip this stage and simply move on with their life. Unfortunately, because they have skipped an important part of the grieving process, they will not move very far. They may lack motivation to get out of bed. They may feel tormented with thoughts of their deceased family member, their scorned lover or a lifelong friend who is now absent.

Coping with grief is not just an option—it is an important stage of the human condition. You must learn how to cope with the grief in a productive manner. Otherwise, you could easily spiral down into greater depression. Denial is not a healthy means of coping with a loss.

Do not kid yourself: losing some one you love—or even something you love—can be an emotionally vexing experience. Some people grieve deeply over incidents that are not as final as death but just as difficult to comprehend. The loss of a pet can hurt. The loss of a job or a life goal can be a crushing defeat. The loss of a friendship, or an estranged relationship, can be painful.

If you are trying to cope with grief because of a recent tragedy in your life do consider the option of grief counselling. Counselling can help you learn how to cope with grief and put things into their proper perspective. Counselling for Bentleigh and Bayside areas is highly recommended. You cannot move forward until you put the past behind you. Easier said than done. But mindfulness therapy and counselling can help a lot.