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What is the best method of counselling and psychotherapy?

Submitted by on 19th Sep 2010

Given method or approach accounts for barely 10% of clinical efficacy (the psychotherapy relationship accounts for most) this isn’t a very interesting question. But I post it because so many clients to be (and therapists) are understandably confused by the mass of (some 400+!) counselling styles around, all purporting in their own way to be […]


Job Vacancy for Psychologists, Social Workers, Hypnotherapists

Submitted by on 19th Sep 2010

To Melbourne based psychologists or social workers seeking a counselling and hypnotherapy job. Our thriving Bayside Melbourne psychotherapy clinic is currently seeking a ethical and effective therapists (contractor arrangement) to join our team for evening/weekend work and some daytime work. Our practice comprises hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy treatment. We are looking for an appropriately qualified […]


The paradox of compulsive lying and pathological lying counselling

Submitted by on 16th Apr 2010

Compulsive lying or pathological lying. Yes, people do seek professional help to overcome lying problems. In fact, it’s far more common than you may think. Really, I probably get at least one new enquiry every two weeks or so requesting help with their compulsive lying problem. Compulsive lying can destroy individual self-esteem and close relationships. […]


Binge Eating Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

Submitted by on 20th Mar 2010

Binge Eating Disorder is so common in our consumer driven, narcissistic, Western society. And no, I’m not just referring to Bulimia, but specifically binge eating, as opposed over eating. Eating as much as possible very quickly, specifically.. There are a variety of causes for this problem. In my experience it usually arises from an attachment […]


Addictions Can Be Overcome

Submitted by on 7th Mar 2010

That’s right. The liberating sense of freedom and feelings of confidence that arise from stopping addictive behaviour can bring renewed self worth and a joyful life. Not in some passing self-help fleeting kind of way, but in a genuine feeling of this is how life is meant to feel way. Addictions arise in many guises. […]


Counselling, Hypnotherapy And Change Versus Not Change

Submitted by on 4th Mar 2010

Change versus not change. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a very interesting question. But when you contemplate the various psychological philosophies, of Buddhism and Western psychotherapy, striking differences seem to occur. Buddhist psychotherapy, which partly incorporates mindfulness therapy, is all about not change. In other words, it is about developing self acceptance, and […]


Mindfulness Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Counselling And Psychotherapy

Submitted by on 1st Mar 2010

Therapy works. It’s been known for years. Nobody really knows how, although many think they change occurs because of the method or approach. The only thing that is certain, is that of the 400 odd methods of counselling, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy, that they do help people most of the time. What is fascinating, however, is […]


How To Stop Addictions

Submitted by on 28th Feb 2010

Addictions come in many forms. Drug addictions, shopping addictions, sex addictions, gambling, and countless other compulsions plague our society. You name it. If there’s a name for it, someone somewhere is probably addicted to it. Problem? Absolutely! Why? Because an addiction is a symptomatic trance, or an attempt to feel different, but without a real […]


The Seven Stages of Grief and the Role of Grief Counselling

Submitted by on 11th Feb 2010

Let us briefly review the seven stages of grief and consider the important role of loss counselling. First, there is an initial stage of shock. Not surprisingly, people who cannot come to terms with this shock will resort to denial. While denial is common in the beginning, it is not a practical means of dealing […]


How Grief Counselling Can Help in Relationship Breakup

Submitted by on 4th Feb 2010

As much as it seems wrong to say, relationship breakup is as painful as a death in the family. A person who has lost someone in death may feel insulted by that insinuation. However, for a person who has just lost the love of his or her life, coping with this grief is sometimes comparable […]