We receive media requests from time to time and use our discretion in deciding which outlets to work with. If we sense that a story is intended more for entertainment, sensationalism or commercial purposes and doesn’t provide any public benefit, we decline.

We have accepted some media requests to participate in productions we believe could help raise public awareness of mental health issues and the benefits of engaging in depth psychotherapy, counselling or hypnotherapy.


Here’s a sample of Bayside Psychotherapy’s appearances in the mainstream media:


1. TV interview with the ABC about compulsive shopping, where we provided a basic introduction to the addiction.


2. Compulsive lying interview on Fairfax Media’s 4BC radio with Clare Blake and Psychotherapist, Adam Szmerling 13th February 2015 at 2pm.

Listen to the story on 4BC radio by clicking here.


3. Story on emetophobia or fear of vomiting where Channel Ten’s The Project interviewed counsellor and hypnotherapist John Arber on 11th February 2015. For reasons that aren’t apparent, the network removed the story from their website.


4. A binge drinking awareness piece written by Adam Szmerling and published in On Line Opinion on 23rd August 2013.

You can view the story and add any comments by clicking here.


5. Sex addiction story published on the News Corp Australia network website, Psychotherapist Adam Szmerling was quoted on March 2nd 2011.

The original story can be sourced here.


For any media enquiries please contact us.

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