Hypnotherapy is an easy way to retrain your mind. But it’s not what you see in the movies — You remain completely in control, and the benefits are entirely predictable. So predictable, in fact, that they’re guaranteed*.

If you’d like to take back control, to finally feel how you used to — and to have a guarantee of satisfaction* — try one of our MP3 self- hypnosis downloads below.

*Guarantee statement regarding Hypnosis MP3 recordings

For best results of the hypnosis MP3 recordings which you purchase, you should listen daily for 30 consecutive days. If after 30 days of purchase, you believe that you have not obtained any benefit whatsoever from the recording(s), you may submit a refund request and we will refund the total price that you spent on the specific MP3 recording, as long as your request is made within 60 days of purchase. Requests made prior to 30 days of purchase or after 60 days of purchase will not be considered. We guarantee satisfaction with the quality of our products. No assurances are made for any specific results arising from any hypnosis MP3 recording. Furthermore, by purchasing any hypnosis MP3 recording, we assume that you have obtained appropriate advice and that you have made an informed purchase.

Bayside Psychotherapy also offers classical forms of counselling, psychotherapy and virtual hypnotherapy in Melbourne. Our counsellors combine the most appropriate treatments from the east and the west, including Buddhist psychotherapy. The sessions are completely confidential and are led by fully qualified clinical psychotherapists. Contact us now for more information.

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