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Private Health Rebate Campaign For Counselling & Psychotherapy In Australia

Submitted by on 2nd Dec 2012

Please digitally sign this petition to support a campaign to private health insurance companies designed to level the playing field for mental health practitioners of various ilk’s, by importantly providing greater rebates and access to people seeking counselling and psychotherapy services. Introduction In September 2012 the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) submitted a […]


Understanding grief and loss

Submitted by on 8th May 2012

Long before the conception of counselling, for many thousands of years human beings have experienced the feeling of loss. After the passing of a loved one most people experience the feeling of grief and experience the process of mourning. After the loss the most common feeling is sadness. Anger, guilt, anxiety, loneliness, fatigue, helplessness, shock, […]