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How to stay motivated to beat bulimia

Submitted by on 22nd Dec 2013

Bulimia is a common yet highly distressing disorder impacting up to 2.9% of women in Australia. It involves phases of eating huge quantities of food in an uncontrollable manner followed by behaviours to avoid weight gain including vomiting, using laxatives, diuretics or other diet pills, or excessive exercises. These behaviours must continue once per week […]


How and why should I tell my doctor if I think I have a mental health problem?

Submitted by on 21st Dec 2013

Mental health problems are widespread in Australian society. While publicity and awareness about their prevalence and understanding of possible causes continues to grow, stigmas around mental illness remain which can make it difficult for those who suspect they are unwell to speak up about their concerns without feeling embarrassed, ashamed or fearful of being ignored […]