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Bushfire impact

Submitted by on 23rd Jan 2020

Australia has experienced an unparalleled season of bushfire horror that has reeked utter carnage on the natural world, destroyed hundreds of properties and businesses and culminated in the loss of life. And summer down under is only half over. The nature of the 2019/2020 bushfire crisis has inflicted a psychological toll on many in Australia […]


Melbourne vacancy for hypnotherapist, counsellor & psychotherapist – subcontractor

Submitted by on 21st Nov 2019

New vacancy exists for the right therapist to join our team as a subcontractor in Melbourne – Bentleigh. What’s in it for you? New patients to treat and gain extensive experience. Opportunities to work with individuals (adults, children) and couples. Be part of a growing vibrant team environment; Participate in team meetings via Skype or […]


Anxiety Stories: Andrew Farrelly Interview

Submitted by on 11th Sep 2015

Anxiety disorders can affect people from any walk of life but often many struggle to recognise that they are experiencing anxiety and it can be common for people to want to keep the issue private. This means that many can find it tough to admit there is a problem, often relating it to general “stress” […]


Hypnotherapy – does it really work

Submitted by on 15th Jun 2015

When we get asked “does hypnotherapy work?” (as we do innumerable times) a torrent of assumptions underpin the question. Typically we appreciate the wishful element in such a question but, in general, we recommend a healthy sense of scepticism. Recently, Bayside Psychotherapy received a visit by an intelligent, young Google employee for a survey. He […]


Psychoanalytic Obstacles to Meditation

Submitted by on 17th Apr 2015

Mindfulness meditation has gained enormous popularity in the last decade and is now being offered as a ‘self help’ or therapy method. It has also been incorporated into mainstream psychological treatments, namely CBT, despite mindfulness and CBT coming from completely different ideological frameworks (interestingly, it sometimes appears proponents of mindfulness are unwittingly promoting CBT, but […]


Germ phobias, ebola and human relationships

Submitted by on 22nd Oct 2014

What is germ phobia? Sometimes articulated as Mysophobia (Germophobia), a germ phobia characterises a disproportionate emotional arousal in response to a thought associated with contamination through contact with germs (whether real or imagined). Germophobia is often thought to arise in some instances of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) however it’s possible to also have germophobia and […]


Trichotillomania Study: Reneta Slikboer

Submitted by on 8th Oct 2014

A little known condition called trichotillomania (otherwise known as compulsive hair pulling) was once thought of as rare. This is no longer the case with estimates ranging from 0.6% to 3.4 % (Christenson, Pyle, & Mitchell, 1991). This means that approximately 285,000 individuals in the state of Victoria have firsthand experience of hair pulling. This […]


Anxiety Stories: Ann Santori

Submitted by on 3rd Oct 2014

Anxiety disorders manifest through many different symptoms, and one of these can be mysophobia (aka germophobia). It is an issue that is more common than you may have realised, one which often leads to disrupted lives with increased levels of stress and anxiety. In order to find out more about this condition from the inside […]


Anxiety Stories: Kayleigh Johnson

Submitted by on 29th Sep 2014

Although there are many aspects to anxiety disorders, one of the most debilitating can be panic attacks. We have spoken with Kayleigh Johnson about her experiences with anxiety and panic attacks, and she has given us an insider view of how it has affected her everyday life. We hope that Kayleigh’s story can show how […]


Anxiety Stories: John Cantor Interview

Submitted by on 19th Sep 2014

Anxiety disorders are an issue that can affect anyone. Even those who seem to be the most courageous, strong willed and outgoing people that you know can have days when they have trouble leaving the house. Professional adventurer, John Cantor, has work stresses that can trigger anxiety at the least opportune times, disrupting work and […]