As much as it seems wrong to say, relationship breakup is as painful as a death in the family. A person who has lost someone in death may feel insulted by that insinuation. However, for a person who has just lost the love of his or her life, coping with this grief is sometimes comparable to coping with a death in the family. After all, a widower can take comfort in the verse that suggests, “It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all.” A person who has been through a relationship break up must accept the fact that the person he or she loves does feel the same way any longer. He or she will have to accept the fact that the other person will find a new love.

This is no easy task. We are very emotional creatures and we take it very personally when someone rejects us. Even if you are the one that has ended the relationship, you are not free from the guilt, the grief and the despair. A person may choose to end a relationship in an effort to save his or her own life. Rest assured, everyone hurts in a failed relationship.

Grief counselling may help you overcome this burden. The goal of counselling is not to place blame with anyone. As you probably know, you could go on for days at a time talking about who was to blame and what pivotal events caused your love to grow cold. However, lingering on such negative issues only hurts you. It will not hurt your partner. The only way to make peace with yourself is to move on. The only way to get “revenge” is to move on.

This is a very difficult stage in life and you may not be able to do it on your own. Grief and loss counselling may help you come to terms with this pain. If you give counselling and therapy a chance, rest assured, you can improve yourself 100% and live this experience down. For more on this subject, look up Bentleigh Counselling and counselling in Bayside.

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