Compulsive lying or pathological lying. Yes, people do seek professional help to overcome lying problems. In fact, it’s far more common than you may think. Really, I probably get at least one new enquiry every two weeks or so requesting help with their compulsive lying problem.

Compulsive lying can destroy individual self-esteem and close relationships. Usually such crisis point are what lead people to contact me for help.

But, compulsive lying or pathological lying as problematic as they are in and of themselves, are really symptoms of a deeper problem. Usually there is either some kind of narcissistic wound, or a shame-based experience of which the liar is attempting to cover up sometimes by making themselves look good to gain approval and avoid disappointing other people.

It is a means of attempting to protect yourself from further shame and disappointment, which usually did arise at some point or another during childhood which may or may not be consciously recalled by the adult liar.

What is paradoxical about compulsive lying therapy and counselling is that during the psychotherapy, a compulsive liar begins to talk openly and honestly about their lying behaviour. This confessional aspect, when received by an unconditionally accepting therapist, can have a very deep and profound healing effect on the individual.

Over time, the individual can begin to view themselves in a similar kind of light of non-judgemental acceptance and even empathy and compassion. The rest of the work involves the repairer of early childhood traumas and emotional wounds which may have been many traumas of various forms of shame, embarrassment and humiliation.

Mindfulness therapy is another great way to help compulsive liars because it helps them at a conscious and unconscious level, to equalise themselves in their own mind with other people so that there is no more inferiority of superiority in their minds in the presence of other individuals.

Thus, if you are seeking individual psychotherapy or Bentleigh counselling and you are in the Bentleigh area of Melbourne, help is readily available. Even if you can’t get to brighton Melbourne, online counselling is available, via Skype. Get in touch if you’re ready to start unlocking the truth and living authentically.

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