What is your gambling addiction doing to your life? Chances are it has had a big impact on every facet of your life. Has it left you feeling helpless when you cannot gamble? Because compulsive gambling becomes all-consuming, chances are that your life is a mess right now. Therapy can help. Gambling treatment options are at your fingertips. You?ve come to the right place.

What is your gambling problem costing you? Friends, relationships, your marriage, problems with your career, loss of your self-worth? Whether it?s poker, pokies, horses, or all of the above that has a hold on you, you can get help and claim your life back. The dizzying thrill of gambling is short-lived at best, and the reality of self-destruction is sobering.

The trained psychotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy can help you overcome your addiction to gambling. You will have direct access to various addiction counselling methods such as: NLP, hypnotherapy, Buddhist psychotherapy, dream interpretation, mindfulness therapy, group therapy, and more.

Stop your gambling addiction from continuing to dictate your every move while harming your relationships and robbing you of a financial future.

Call us on (03) 9557 9113 or use our contact form to book your confidential online appointment. Let’s work together to help you cure your gambling problems.

Stopping on your own may be difficult. And the costs of not changing become huge. Draining your savings account, selling things to have gambling money, lying to others and even stealing from others in order to gamble are common earmarks of the problem. Win, lose, or draw; nothing seems to cure the itch. The thrill of the chase is insatiable and the more you gamble, the more you lose — money and otherwise. But not only can our therapists help you overcome the addiction, we can help you learn some tools that will assist you in rebuilding your life.

Gambling Addiction

How long will gambling treatment take?

Gambling treatment timeframes vary from individual to individual. Our therapists work with you, but your willingness to participate in your treatment is a critical factor. There may be more than one attempt at finding a viable treatment option for you but rest assured that your psychotherapist will work with you to help you overcome your gambling addiction.

How is Bayside Psychotherapy’s treatment different?

Gambling treatment options vary here at Bayside Psychotherapy. Your progress dictates the direction we will take together. By meeting with you for an initial consultation your therapist can make an action plan to work with you. If, after a few sessions, we don’t see things moving in the right direction, we will alter treatment options to help you accelerate results. By working together, you can tap into multiple treatment options that can be tailored to your specific situation.

Making an online appointment right now will get you on the path to a life that is free of the binding chains that gambling addictions create. Call (03) 9557 9113 for an online session via Skype, Zoom or similar.

Your call is completely confidential, and there’s absolutely no obligation.

Consider downloading a recommended quit gambling hypnosis recording as well.


Take back control with online counselling.

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