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Self-Hypnosis for Blushing

Audio length: 28.57
Product Tags: Anxiety Disorders

Do you feel embarrassed by excessive blushing? An MP3 hypnosis recording may help you significantly.

Self-hypnosis may help you change your thoughts and circumvent the response that usually results in blushing. You may, in effect, take control over your blushing.

Treatment for Blushing

An MP3 could help you change your way of thinking and prevent anxiety and excessive thoughts about blushing, which is often the trigger of the blushing itself. There can be other side-effects, too, such as panic and anxiety when worrying about having this reaction. Our MP3 download may help you change your thought patterns so that you may be able to work through the fear related to blushing.

One of the benefits of this treatment for excessive blushing is that you can do it at your convenience. We recommend listening daily to the recording, which is 28 minutes and 57 seconds.

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About the creator of the Stop Blushing Hypnosis MP3 Download

Adam Szmerling produced this recording with assistance from a voice actor.  As an accredited clinical psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Adam has a vast amount of experience in helping people who are seeking a blushing cure.

How fast will it help?

Results may vary but some people may see an improvement fast. Others may see a slower progression but begin to benefit from the MP3 recording in many ways. You may be able to learn the root causes of your blushing and may develop skills that can help you stop blushing before it even starts.

How to use this MP3 download

It’s easy to download the file online from this page. We process your order securely and you can easily add it to the shopping cart and then download it to your computer. You can listen to it right on your desktop or laptop or you can download the file to your favourite media player.

Our Promise

Try listening daily for a month and if after 30 days you’re dissatisfied, let us know (before 60 days from the order date) and we will refund your money. We want to remove the risk and make you totally comfortable with this blushing treatment.

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  • Adam Szmerling
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