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Overcome Chocolate Addiction

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Is an addiction to chocolate spiraling out of control in your life? Your life doesn’t need to continue to revolve around this addiction. An MP3 download can be the first step to overcoming emotional hunger that manifests itself in an addiction to chocolate.

Our recording can help you identify reasons why you’re addicted to chocolate. It can also help you re-gain control over your life.

A downloadable MP3 could help you overcome chocolate cravings

Our MP3 is just over 22 minutes and it provides excellent results. It leverages proven neuro-linguistic programming techniques that help you change your association with chocolate. This can help you eliminate cravings and find other ways of coping with stress and other issues that make you crave chocolate.

Downloading  a copy of our recording is easy, private, and offers a highly effective way to gain control over your urges.

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About the Stop Chocolate Addiction MP3 Download

This recording was produced by Adam Szmerling, a Melbourne counselling, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy professional who practises at the Melbourne area Bayside Psychotherapy Clinic. Adam’s training, expertise, and knowledge in this area have made it possible to create a highly effective recording that’s getting great results. Recorded by a professional voice over.

How does it help with emotional hunger?

Proven hypnotherapy techniques help you to help yourself. You’ll be able to reach a state of relaxation that opens your mind and alters the way you currently connect happiness or calmness with chocolate. By downloading this recording, you will start to see changes in your behaviour and emotions where chocolate is concerned.

Accessing the chocolate addiction MP3

You can download your MP3 from this page and begin listening right away. Choose a payment method and download the recording. You can listen to it on your computer, on a CD, or via your favourite MP3 player.

No Risk Guarantee

Ordering this recording offers you the ability to try self hypnotherapy without risk. You have up to 60 days to request a refund. Listen daily for a 30 day period, and in the unlikely event that you have not begun to benefit, please request a refund. You do have the ability to overcome your addiction to chocolate. Reading this page is a step in the right direction and listening to this overcome chocolate addiction MP3 download could help you regain control.

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