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Overcome Internet Addiction

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An internet addiction is an unhealthy addiction. While the internet can be a great tool in life, for some, it has become an unhealthy addiction that has robbed their quality of life and harmed their relationships. Believe it or not, downloading an MP3 file from the internet could be the start of a more healthy way of using the web.

Addiction to anything shouldn’t be ignored. Internet addiction treatment can help you be in control of your life again.  Self-hypnotherapy can help.

Stop Internet Addiction

Some addictions require that you stay far away from the source of the addiction forever. Other addictions, like food addictions or technology addictions don’t require you to avoid using it (this is clearly impractical) but treatments help you find ways to better manage compulsions.  This MP3 download can be extremely helpful in changing the way you associate with something and can help you set limits. Our downloadable recording can help you stop internet addiction. It’s just over 22 minutes and it can be listened to repeatedly, while you change your behaviours.

Listening to recordings can help you deal with your addiction in a private way. This internet addiction treatment is regarded, by many, as being highly effective in helping you take back control of your life.

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About the Internet Addiction MP3

The internet addiction MP3 download is brought to you by Adam Szmerling, a well-regarded Melbourne counsellor and trained hypnotherapist (recorded by a voice over professional). It has been carefully created to gently help you overcome your internet addiction.  This recording can be used on its own and some people choose to use it in conjunction with additional counselling.

How does hypnosis help?

A downloaded MP3 recording will relax you and help you discover the root cause of your unhealthy addiction to the internet. It will help you work through emotions and compulsions that cause you to spend so much time obsessing about the internet and will help you scale back to a healthier relationship with technology.

Downloading an MP3 to Help You Overcome Internet Addiction

It may sound a bit ironic to get help from internet addiction by downloading something from the internet but it is possible to alter your behaviour so that you can begin using the internet casually again. Simply click the button that adds the MP3 recording to the shopping cart and once your payment is processed, you can begin the path to regaining control.

A No Hassle Money Back Guarantee for 60 Days

We offer a no-hassle / zero quibbles guarantee, if you’re not totally satisfied with the results of this recording. Listen to it daily for 30 days and if you’re not happy, contact us for a refund before 60 days from the date of purchase.

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