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Jealousy Self-Hypnosis

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Product Tags: Anxiety Disorders

Jealousy can be normal but when it becomes excessive and reaches a constant or unhealthy level, the effects can be very negative. A hypnosis MP3 download for jealousy may help you let go of these emotions.

Self-hypnosis for excessive jealousy may be helpful and you could soon find yourself feeling much better and much less jealous of others.

Download our MP3 to potentially work through your excessive jealousy

Inside the word, jealousy is the word “lousy”. That’s a pretty accurate word for how excessive jealousy can make us feel. When jealousy dominates our lives, it’s counter-productive. Despite knowing that, we often can’t find a way to change our feelings on our own. An MP3 using self-hypnotherapy may help you change your mindset – for the better.

Self-hypnotherapy may help you address issues on your own schedule, inexpensively, and discreetly. We recommend a relaxing and quiet place to listen.

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Who created the Jealousy Treatment recording?

This recording uses a voiceover actor’s voice but it was crafted and created by Adam Szmerling, a fully qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Adam has helped many clients through Bayside Psychotherapy in Melbourne, Australia, and has created a series of NLP hypnotherapy downloads that help people help themselves.

How might it help me work through jealousy?

This MP3 may help you on a conscious and subconscious level to reduce feelings of jealousy of others. It may help you reduce those unwanted feelings and emotions by helping you with positive affirmations about your own life. It may help you effectively cope with feelings and emotions so you may be able to deal with them in a much more productive and positive way.

Downloading and using the Jealousy Hypnosis MP3 Download

Add this MP3 to the shopping cart and you can pay securely and download it. Once you’ve downloaded it you can just double click the icon on your desktop and began listening, or copy it to your MP3 player or iPhone. Listen as often as you need to. We recommend daily use of 30 days for maximum efficacy (and you can keep listening beyond 30 days if it helps!)


By listening to this excessive jealousy treatment MP3 download, you may begin to feel better about your own situation and you can stop being jealous of other people.  Please use it daily for 30 days and if you don’t see benefits, tell us and within 60 days of purchase, we’re happy to give a refund.

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