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Overcome Panic Attacks

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Panic attacks do not have to keep invading your life. There is help for panic. 

If you suffer from panic attacks, an MP3 recording can be a great tool. You can use it reactively, when a panic attack happens, and you can use it proactively, too. Proactive use could make a big difference in the frequency and length of panic attacks.

An MP3 could help with Panic

Our relaxing 24 minute and 24 second MP3 file can be a great way to help you manage panic better. Panic can manifest itself in many ways and panic attack symptoms can include: racing heart, sweating, feeling faint, overwhelming fear, and other emotions. Self-hypnosis can help you. 

Download  our panic attack treatment MP3 and you can work on your panic treatment in the safety and privacy of your own home. 

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About the Panic Attack Hypnosis MP3 Recording 

Adam Szmerling worked with a voice actor to produce this recording from his Melbourne counseling, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy clinic, Bayside Psychotherapy. Adam has extensive training and expertise helping people with panic disorders, anxieties, phobias, and other problems.

Will this MP3 bring you freedom from panic?

This recording uses genuine hypnotherapy principles and techniques that can be a great beginning to getting well.  By downloading the MP3 and listening daily, you could start to see a big difference in the frequency and severity of your panic attacks. You can learn to better deal with panic and to start to get to a point where you can prevent panic attacks from happening.

The Panic Treatment MP3 Download

It’s easy to download the MP3 here and our site walks you through the easy and secure process.


We want you to feel comfortable about ordering your MP3 here on this site. That’s why we offer a guarantee. Listen daily for 30 days and if before 60 days you decide you’re dissatisfied, ask for a refund.

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