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Self-Hypnosis for Pain Management

Audio length: 24.34
Product Tags: Physiological Relief

Are you seeking fast and effective natural pain relief? Self-hypnosis could be the treatment you’re looking for.

No one wants to live with constant pain. Hypnosis could be a great tool for helping you with pain management. You can download an MP3 recording here.

Download a Pain Management MP3

Our MP3 provides a possible resource for people seeking help with the pain. Pain management doesn’t always mean a disconnect from the pain, but with hypnosis, an opportunity to learn to relate differently to the pain can be rehearsed.

Self-hypnosis is inexpensive. By purchasing this MP3 recording once, it might continue to provide you with ongoing benefits at home on your own schedule.

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About this Pain Management Hypnosis MP3 Download

This recording was made by a voice actor under the direct guidance of Adam Szmerling of Bayside Psychotherapy. Adam is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist with a vast amount of experience in helping people deal with suffering.

How does it help manage pain?

Pain and suffering is not the same thing. The more we suffer, the more pain we feel. By learning to reduce mental suffering, the fixation and general experience of pain can sometimes shift (that doesn’t mean disappear). This MP3 aims to train your mind in natural techniques to gradually reconsider how your mind and body reacts to its pain signals. Pain happens to tell your brain something is wrong. Once you know this, you may have the ability to react differently.

Downloading and using the pain management download

To listen, just add the MP3 to the cart and have your order securely processed. You’ll be guided through the easy download and then you can choose to listen to it on your computer or on a CD or MP3 playing device. You can listen to it as often as necessary. The more the better, as with learning any new skill that requires a shift in perspective.

GUARANTEED Satisfaction!

We’re so confident that you’ll receive benefits from this recording, if you participate regularly, that we offer a guarantee. Listen each day for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, tell us before the 60 day mark and we will supply a full refund.

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