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Sex or Fetish Addiction Treatment

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Dealing with any sort of addiction can be difficult but believe it or not, a hypnosis MP3 download can make a big difference. If you want help with sex addiction or fetish control, self-hypnosis offers a great way to deal with your problem privately. Our recording is just over 22 minutes long and can make a big difference in your ability to deal with fetish control.

Self-hypnotherapy is a highly effective way of regaining control over your life by helping you overcome specific addictions and compulsive thoughts and behaviours. The more you listen, the more control you’ll re-gain.

Control Sex or Fetish Addiction

Fetishes and sex addictions can become all consuming. They can impact every area of your life both personally and professionally. A continuous preoccupation with fetishes and sex in general can become overwhelming and result in feelings of guilt and shame. But you don’t have to continue to suffer. Our MP3 download may help you get to the root cause of these compulsions and help you begin to alter your way of thinking so that you have full control over your life again.

Our recording offers a private way to help you change your behaviours and you can purchase it at absolutely no risk.

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About the Sex Addiction and Fetish Control MP3

Adam Szmerling is a qualified counselor with experience in mindfulness therapy, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and more. Adam arranged to have this recording created to help people overcome their compulsive sexual thoughts and behaviours.

Will an MP3 file really help?

This recording will give you the ability to relax and open your mind to positive change. It will help you discover the causes of some of your fetishes and feelings about sex and may help you gain control over these emotions, such as fear, guilt, anxiety, and loss of self- control. Some use it alone and others use it as a part of their therapy.

Download the MP3 now and re-gain control

Your sexual feelings don’t have to keep dominating your life. Click the “Add MP3 to cart” on this page and choose your payment method. You’ll be able to easily download the recording and either listen to it on your computer or upload it to the listening device or media of your choice.

No Risk Guarantee

We offer a zero hassles money back guarantee. We recommend you listen to the recording repeatedly over at least 30 days. We are happy to refund the money if you haven’t had satisfaction within 60 days.

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