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Self-Hypnosis for Shy Bladder (Paruresis)

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Shy bladder syndrome, a.k.a Paruresis is an often embarrassing problem where people cannot allow themselves to urinate either in a public restroom or when they feel like someone is watching. Paradoxically this may result in an overactive bladder at certain critical moments. An MP3 hypnosis recording specifically for shy bladder syndrome could be a useful companion when used in conjunction with psychotherapy or hypnotherapy sessions.

You have the ability to work through this issue. The downloadable recording on this page could make a difference.

Experience a breakthrough in overcoming shy bladder with our expertly crafted hypnosis MP3. This audio session is designed to help you gain confidence and ease in public restrooms and other triggering situations. Through targeted hypnosis techniques and affirmations, you can retrain your mind and body to release anxiety and discomfort, allowing you to comfortably and confidently use the restroom in any setting. Imagine the freedom of being able to navigate your daily life without the burden of shy bladder holding you back. Take the first step towards regaining control and freedom today.

  • Expertly crafted hypnosis MP3
  • Promotes confidence and ease in triggering situations
  • Retrains mind and body to release anxiety and discomfort
  • Enables comfortable and confident restroom use in any setting
  • Supports regaining control and freedom from shy bladder

Shy Bladder Treatment

A shy bladder hypnosis mp3 could make urination a much less stressful experience for you. It’s important to address this issue so that it doesn’t escalate into something else, such as a fear of going out in public altogether. Shy bladder treatment via self-hypnosis aims to relax you and may change your associations with going to the bathroom.

The MP3 is designed to help retrain the mind-body connection, specifically with the bladder…the relationship between mind and bladder, of course, varies between individuals suffering shy bladder syndrome with some experiencing an overactive bladder at certain times of encountering public bathrooms, possibly induced by anxiety, with others registering more embarrassment and shame. Given this variance, no MP3 will cover all bases, and indeed this MP3 aims to provide relaxation and a different bladder-mind relationship for self-mastery, however, it should be understood that individual treatment should be undertaken for shy bladder syndrome, with this MP3 forming a companion for psychotherapy.

This recording can be listened to in the privacy of your home and may make it much easier for you to use the bathroom in public. It may bring you real relief. We suggest daily listening.

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The recording was developed and produced with help from a voice actor. The author is accredited in multiple areas, such as hypnotherapy. His expertise in numerous areas related to fears, phobias, and anxiety have enabled him to create recordings that help people work through these difficult areas. You have the potential to get your life and confidence back.

Does The Shy Bladder MP3 Download Work Fast?

Individual results will differ but some people may see a difference after just a few sessions of listening. Your anxiety and fears around urination may begin to subside quickly until this fear no longer plagues your life at all. In general, however, the syndrome requires realistic expectations.

Using the shy bladder hypnosis mp3

Downloading the shy bladder treatment recording is easy. Access the file here, process your order securely, and then you can begin listening right away. You can listen on your computer, burn the file to a CD, or you can listen on your iPod or other MP3 devices.

Our Promise to Shy Bladder Sufferers

We want you comfortable with the decision to buy your shy bladder hypnosis mp3 recording here. That’s why we have a guarantee in place, eliminating risk to you. If you buy this recording and listen every day for a month, we believe you’ll experience positive results. If not, let us know (before 60 days from the date you ordered) and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

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