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Binge Drinking Self-Hypnosis

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Binge drinking is a very dangerous activity. Do you need help to work through your alcohol addiction? A self-hypnosis recording may be a welcome companion in addition to traditional counselling.

Addiction to alcohol can be dangerous to your health and your relationships. It can be very destructive. A self-help download may help you understand your addiction to alcohol and it may also help you change the way you feel about drinking. It may help you heal yourself.

Binge drinking

Self-Hypnosis for Binge Drinking Addiction

Self-hypnotherapy is receiving increasing recognition as an excellent way to work through addictions and compulsions. In terms of substance abuse, it may change your behaviours and your feelings so that drinking no longer seems like a solution to your problems. There are a number of reasons why people binge drink. Regardless of why you do it, seeking treatment is vitally important.

Many people feel embarrassed and don’t seek help for their addiction. That’s one of the reasons that self-help recordings have become so popular. They may offer you a way to begin to heal in privacy.

Who Created the Binge Drinking Self-Hypnosis Recording?

Experienced counsellor Adam Szmerling had the recording produced with the help of his Melbourne counselling team and a professional voice over artist. This recording was developed in a way that may make it effective and easy to listen to. It was created to work either alone or as a companion to a multifaceted approach that may help you work through alcohol addictions.

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Worried about being hypnotised?

Don’t be concerned about the idea of hypnosis. It’s not designed to control your thinking, but possibly to help you regain control with knowledge about root causes as well as potentially giving you tools to cope with stress and other reasons behind binge drinking. This MP3 download may help you find relaxation and direct you toward self-discovery that may ultimately lead to your desired outcome. Self-hypnosis may help mediate alcohol cravings and possibly change your habits in a positive way.

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Satisfaction GUARANTEED

We are so confident that you’ll get results that we offer you the ability to use our hypnosis recording for up to 60 days.  Adam and his team recommend listening repeatedly for at least 30 days in a row. In the unlikely event that you don’t start to see results after 30 days of daily listening, we will happily refund your money between the 30 day and 60 day mark of your order.

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