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Self-Hypnosis for Junk Food Addictions

Audio length: 25.25
Product Tags: Eating Disorders

An addiction to junk food is something that needs to be addressed. It can cause major health problems for you. A hypnosis MP3 download may be a smart step in helping you change your eating habits and in helping you work through cravings.

Read on for information about how an MP3 hypnosis recording might help you stop eating junk food and improve your life.

A downloadable MP3 could help you work through a junk food addiction

A 25 minute and 25-second MP3 download could help you improve your eating habits and help eliminate junk food cravings that can seem all-consuming. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) elements within this recording may change your associations with junk food and pleasure and could start to eliminate those junk food cravings.

Download the Eating Junk Food MP3 recording today.

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About the MP3

Our MP3 was recording and produced with the greatest of care and detail.  Adam Szmerling of the Melbourne Bayside Psychotherapy Clinic oversaw the production of this recording. Adam has extensive training and skills that have helped many patients overcome addictions, cravings, fears, and compulsions.

How will the recording prevent junk food cravings?

Many of our bad habits can be worked through with a concerted effort. Junk food marketing is all around us. Hypnotherapy may help you systematically take control over your impulses and habits so that it becomes easier to make better decisions about what you eat. Your treatment may help you become impervious to all those TV and billboard ads that seem to force you to gravitate to junk food. Our MP3 aims to help you reach a state of relaxation that makes you more open to new attitudes about healthier food. Downloading this recording might make it much easier to change habits and lifestyles.

Download the Junk Food Treatment MP3 Today

It’s never too soon to make a positive change. You can download an MP3 here on this page via a secure payment processor. It’s easy to download and can be listened to on your CD player, your computer, or your MP3 player.

A Guarantee

We promise satisfaction. If you listen for a month (daily) and don’t see an overall reduction in junk food cravings, we will give you up to 60 days from the date you ordered for a refund request. Start your junk food addiction treatment now.

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  • Adam Szmerling
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