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Thin Thinking Self-Hypnosis

Audio length: 26.03
Product Tags: Eating Disorders

Does thin thinking work? There is a lot of evidence and positive reports from people that have found that it can dramatically help you reduce your portions and improve your lifestyle so that you can reach your weight loss and weight maintenance goals.

Sometimes a mindset change is needed and you can’t always reach that new state of awareness on your own. The Thin Thinking MP3 download may be able to help.

The Thin Thinking MP3 Download may Change How You Eat

In 26 minutes and 3 seconds, you could start to change your thinking when it comes to food. And the results could quickly translate to the positive change you are looking for.

Another benefit of the Thin Thinking MP3 you’ll find is that you can listen to it in the privacy of your own home.

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The Counsellor Behind the Thin Thinking Downloadable MP3

This recording was produced by Adam Szmerling, a fully qualified clinical psychotherapist and hypnotherapist who has a significant amount of experience with eating disorders and with helping people change their mindset about food. Adam enlisted the help of a professional voice over expert to create this effective recording.

How does Thin Thinking help?

Whether you’ve got an eating disorder or just think you need help changing your approach to healthy eating, this MP3 download could benefit you. It uses genuine hypnotherapy principles that aim to help open your mind to different associations with eating. Its aim is to assist you in achieving the perfect mindset for positive change.

How to download & use the Thin Thinking MP3

Simply click the “Add MP3 to Cart” button and choose your payment method. You’ll be guided through a secure process. You can download the file to your computer, your iPhone / MP3 player, or a CD.

We GUARANTEE Satisfaction

If you listen to the Thin Thinking daily for 30 days and don’t find it at all helpful, tell us within 60 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund the price of the recording. You have nothing to lose but weight and a plethora of good things to gain instead!

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  • Adam Szmerling
  • Carolina Selvarajoo
  • Humaira Ansari
  • Kelli Tranter
  • Lawrence Akers
  • Natalie Szmerling
  • Georgina Delamain

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  • Adam Szmerling
  • Natalie Szmerling
  • Georgina Delamain