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Relaxation For Trauma

Audio length: 23.24
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Trauma can feel debilitating and seem impossible to get over. But it’s actually possible not to get over it, and still move on. 

If you suffer from the effects of one or more traumatic event, a trauma hypnosis MP3 can provide an inner space to begin to develop security. It can help you feel better, sleep better, and cope with overcoming the traumatic events (especially when used regularly in conjunction with psychotherapy).

An MP3 could help you manage Trauma

The recording available from this page is just 23 minutes and 24 seconds but in this short period, you can begin to distance from trauma in a relaxed way. Some people take several sessions to see a difference but with each session, you will develop the tools to help you feel better.  

Download our trauma treatment MP3 file and you can begin to work on overcoming the effects of trauma (such as anxiety and shame) in the safety and privacy of your own home. 

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About the Overcoming Trauma Hypnosis MP3

Adam Szmerling is a counsellor with extensive history in helping patients deal with the effects of a traumatic experience at the Bayside Psychotherapy clinic in Melbourne. Adam has extensive training and experience with hypnotherapy, which prompted him to work with a voiceover specialist to create high quality recordings that can help people to help themselves. If you want extra help with your trauma treatment, feel free to contact Adam or one of his other therapists for an appointment in Melbourne or via Skype.

How the MP3 Works

This MP3 leverages established hypnotherapy principles that can be an excellent aid to the healing process. You can learn to develop coping skills that could reduce the effects of trauma on your body, your mind, and your life. However please obtain advice from your health professional before listening to any of our MP3s.

The Trauma Treatment MP3 Download Process is Simple

Downloading the MP3 couldn’t be simpler. Click to add the MP3 to the cart and you’ll be guided through an easy and secure ordering process.  Listen on your computer or copy the file to your media player (we recommend headphones and a quiet space).

Guaranteed Quality Satisfaction

You’ve been through a lot already. We want to help you feel good about your decision to participate in self-hypnotherapy. We offer a guarantee that eliminates risk for you. Listen daily for 30 days and if before 60 days you determine this isn’t helping, you can ask for a refund. If you have PTSD or a psychiatric condition please obtain advice from your health professional before listening to our recording(s).

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