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Weight Loss Self-Hypnosis

Audio length: 26.42
Product Tags: Eating Disorders

Do you want help reaching your weight goals? Hypnosis has proved very successful for weight management. Our MP3 download offers you the ability to take control of your weight management so that you can reach your goals and maintain them.

Whether you’re having problems with eating the right foods or finding the motivation to exercise, weight management can positively impact your life, your health, your self-confidence. An MP3 recording could help you change your mindset and find the motivation and stamina to reach your goals and stick to a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Management NLP Download

You could change your life for the better within 26 minutes and 42 seconds. This recording aims to make a dramatically positive difference in your ability to reach weight-related goals. You may benefit from listening to it often.

This MP3 download may help eliminate cravings, help you make better food and exercise choices, and may also help you get into the right frame of mind for success.

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About the Weight Management MP3

Adam Szmerling is the counsellor behind the development of this MP3 recording. Adam’s expertise in weight management hypnosis and food-related issues has resulted in an easy-to-listen-to recording. It aims to help you reach a positive and empowered mindset.

This MP3 file uses genuine hypnotic principles that may help you set and reach realistic weight management goals. Download it today.

Using an MP3                      

We recommend daily listening in a private and quiet place. Please don’t listen while driving. You can listen from your computer, download it to a compact disc, or listen on your iPod or other MP3 devices.


Our secure site can process your order quickly. We’re so confident that you’ll see great results with this weight management recording that we fully stand behind our product. Please listen daily for one month and if between the one and two-month mark of your order date you’ve decided you’re unhappy, contact us for a refund.

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Therapists who do online

  • Adam Szmerling
  • Carolina Selvarajoo
  • Humaira Ansari
  • Kelli Tranter
  • Lawrence Akers
  • Natalie Szmerling
  • Georgina Delamain

Therapists who do in-clinic

  • Adam Szmerling
  • Natalie Szmerling
  • Georgina Delamain