Do phobias play a part in your life? Are there things in everyday life that scare you more than they used to? Are you looking for reliable and effective phobia treatment?

At Bayside Psychotherapy Australia you will find some methods!

Our trained hypnotherapists have been delivering effective phobia treatment to clients from all walks of life. Phobias can be of many types and relate to many things both large and small… but if there is a feeling or fear that stops you from functioning normally in any situation, then let’s deal with it.

There are many types of phobias – and the good news is that nearly all respond to treatment!

  • Do you suffer from claustrophobia – a fear small or confined spaces – or agoraphobia, which is the combined fear of being in a public place and fear of crowds? I can give you the keys to dealing with these fears.
  • Do you have a needle phobia? Fear of Flying? We can help.
  • Do you struggle to be a happy and relaxed person in social settings? We can work on social phobia treatments.
  • Does any type of fear stop you from functioning normally, or dealing with situations calmly? We should talk.
    Specific Phobia Treatment

We can help you deal with a wide range of fears and specific phobias – giving you the tools to deal with them.

You can receive our treatments through online sessions using secure video conferencing (counselling, psychotherapy or mindfulness,… as well as recommended hypnosis downloads if you want to get some answers fast. For prices and more visit here.

We can help you with a range of treatment approaches

Ideally, you and your therapist would get the chance to work together and discover the root cause of your phobia, what sets it off – and how to deal with your reactions. Things will be kept simple with the goal to give you the tools to deal with your phobia. Treatment approaches can range from Mindfulness Meditation exercises to psychoanalytic work, Neuro Linguistic Programming to phobia hypnotherapy. We’ll find the treatment that is most effective and comfortable for you.

It’s important to know that Fear is a normal and valid feeling… however when it dominates your life and is out of proportion it becomes a phobia and should be dealt with. Don’t live in fear. Phobias can take many forms – and though they can seem trivial or even silly in some cases, they should be treated. Phobias can include fear of riding in a car or fear of imperfection… fear of clowns or computers… fear of rain or the moon. Phobia treatment means looking at the cause of your phobia and dealing with it… it means you won’t have to suffer from some of the symptoms of phobias such as shortness of breath and accelerated heart rate, shaking or feeling faint, excessive sweating or irritable bowel syndrome.

Take control

Working together, we will deal with your specific phobia so you’ll be equipped with strategies for when they occur, if the situations arise which trigger them. By calmly understanding how you feel you’ll have internal tools to deal with your phobia – which will make for a happier and more relaxed approach to life. Some people use a hypnosis mp3 to compliment sessions such as the Specific Phobia Hypnosis Download.

Call (03) 9557 9113 or use our contact form to get started! Your call is completely confidential, and there’s absolutely no obligation.

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Note: Whilst we will do our best to assist you, we will rely upon your commitment and collaboration to the treatment process in an endeavour to optimise results. Although some of our therapists work with people presenting with this condition, no guarantees of any outcomes can be made.

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