If you want to stop biting your nails for good, then this website could change your life – for the better.

Individuals develop problems with excessively chewing on their nails for different reasons. For some nail biters, a general anxiety acts like the psychological glue that makes the habits stick. For others, stressful feelings pushed down out of awareness are the driving forces behind the behaviour. However neither scenario serves as a positive way to handle problems or feelings and both generate feelings of ongoing frustration.

Frustrated failed attempts to stop chewing your nails do not seem enough to change the part of the mind that compels you to do it in the first place. It can lead to other problems too, such as increased isolation, physical problems, feeling self conscious, relationship issues and general anxiety. The good news is, no matter how deeply ingrained your nail nibbling habit is, you can stop, even if it feels like you have tried everything.

Nail biting hypnotherapy

The trained psychotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy can help you stop chewing your nails with counselling and habit-related hypnotherapy. You can get the answers that will put you in control. We can help you face-to-face in our Bentleigh clinic or from the comfort of your own home with counselling via Skype.

Don’t let nail biting continue to impact your life!

Call us on (03) 9557 9113 or use our contact form to book your confidential appointment.

Let’s Work Together!

In our online clinic, we work to provide individuals with a tailored approach rather that prescribing a one size fits all approach. Our psychotherapists have more respect for you than that! Our tailored approach assures you that your needs are taken into consideration when your course of treatment is carefully considered.

Treatment has various options that will depend upon what we consider most appropriate for you. Hypnotherapy for nail biting is the most popular, possibly due to expectations of a quick fix. Sometimes a deeper exploration of issues with psychotherapy is indicated, however. Our aim is to find out what is best for you, so you can discover lasting inner peace and real happiness without dependency on this annoying habit.

This way, you will be in charge of your mind, rather than feeling like the cycle of habit and shame is controlling you.

How Long will Treatment Take?

It’s natural to want short term treatment and to conceive of nail biting as simply a bad habit. With this notion, hypnotherapy over a few short sessions can sometimes make a difference to the habitual component. However other times nail biting serves a purpose which is known only unconsciously and this naturally takes a lot longer to unearth, via in depth psychotherapy, which involves exploring unconscious formations like dreams, slips of the tongue and other apparent mistakes.

What Makes Bayside Psychotherapy Different?

When you have treatment in our online clinic, our priority is to help you stop chewing your nails and addressing this from as many angles as necessary. Our psychotherapists are fully committed to helping you achieve long term relief from nail biting, and the associated feelings underneath.

Our counsellors have various qualifications in counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP and Buddhist psychotherapy, which means a wide range of tools are available to help you at conscious and unconscious levels of your mind – so you can be free for good!

If you prefer to begin immediately with self-hypnosis, it doesn’t matter if it’s one in the morning. We suggest downloadable hypnotherapy recordings that can help you work through nail chewing or other similar habits on your own: nail biting hypnosis recordings.

For many people, the social cost of not stopping becomes too high. Contact us for more details by calling (03) 9557 9113 or using our online form to make a confidential appointment.

Note: Whilst we will do our best to assist you, we will rely upon your commitment and collaboration to the treatment process in an endeavour to optimise results. Although some of our therapists work with people presenting with this condition, no guarantees of any outcomes can be made.

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