Needle Phobia Hypnotherapy

People who don’t understand being afraid of needles don’t realise how terrible and frightening a routine injection can be. Of course no one really likes to be pricked with a needle but for those who are phobic of having an injection, it’s more than an overall aversion to injections and blood tests. It can even be terrifying.

The trained psychotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy can help you gain self-control and overcome fear of needles, also known as Trypanophobia. Whether you want to work via face-to-face at the Bentleigh clinic or you prefer consulting from the comfort of your computer with online counselling, we can help. You can also download hypnosis recordings that can help you get started. The first step is the most important and you can take it today.

Don’t let your fear of needles run your life and result in you neglecting your health!

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People who are afraid of needles will go to great lengths to avoid them — including avoiding the doctor because they don’t want immunizations or blood tests.

Why are people so afraid of needles? After all, needles as part of a medical procedure are there to treat, prevent, or diagnose for the benefit of your health. Whether fear has been with you for years and trauma has stemmed from a childhood experience or you don’t understand the reason for a sudden onset of this fear and panic, you have counsellor support. Our counsellors can help you overcome this phobia.

Whether your symptoms are fainting, hyperventilating, turning pale, running in terror, or otherwise, our experience and training has helped many patients who needed treatment for needle phobia and a plethora of other phobias, disorders, and anxieties as well.

Let’s work together to help you cure your Trypanophobia

Our training and expertise enables us to use one or a combination of Buddhist Psychotherapy, psychodynamic, Dream work, NLP, Hypnotherapy, and other counselling methods. Our therapists will work with you to find out what is best for you to overcome your fears so you can discover lasting inner peace and real happiness. From your initial session onward, the self-awareness that occurs is often enough to help the process get moving in the right direction. At Bayside, our natural methods help people overcome fears, addictions, and medical problems without medication.

How long will treatment take?

No two courses of treatments are the same. Your treatment duration will depend entirely on you and on the progress you make with your therapist. We can adjust treatment if necessary as well as space out treatment and make a plan for discontinuance — when you are ready.

How is Bayside Psychotherapy’s treatment different?

With training in counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy (traditional and ericksonian methods), NLP and Buddhist psychotherapy, there are many options we have for treating you. Our therapists don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we assess your progress so we can ensure you’re comfortable and progressing well toward overcoming your particular needle fear.

Feel free to check out our recommended downloadable recordings to get your started, working through your fears regardless of the time of day or your location: needle phobia recording. You can make a confidential appointment online or enquire by calling (03) 9557 9113 or use our contact form.

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