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In the old days, face-to-face therapy was the only way to go. There simply weren’t any other options.

But in today’s modern world, with fast internet speeds, a laptop in every home, a phone in every pocket and dozens of video chat tools available, online therapy isn’t just possible, it’s the most convenient approach for a vast majority of patients.

More importantly, it’s also an effective approach.

Why online therapy works

In many cases, online counselling is even more effective than face-to-face therapy. Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. You can choose the best therapist for your needs, not just the one with a nearby office.
  2. You can receive your psychotherapy, counselling and even hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home. No travel time, no traffic or parking worries, no public transport woes, no judgmental receptionists or waiting rooms, and no uncomfortable chairs or too-cold air-conditioning.
  3. Many people feel safer talking online than talking in person. Opening up and sharing yourself – which are essential for healing – are easier.
  4. You can get therapy even while travelling (e.g. on a stressful business trip).
  5. Much easier and less confronting if your needs are linked to physical problems (e.g. surgery, injury, disability, body image issues).
  6. Generally less time spent on social ‘niceties’ and small talk, and more on resolving your problems.
  7. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a good match for online therapy because it focuses on speech rather than body language.

How it works

It’s as simple as clicking a link. Truly.

STEP 1: You book online. (You choose the date and time.) or call reception on 9557 9113 to book.

STEP 2: Choose between Skype, Zoom or Doxy*; We simply add you to Skype, or send you a link to a Zoom or Doxy meeting. (Note, however, Adam currently only uses Doxy).

STEP 3: When it’s time for your session, you grab a cuppa and click the link to join an online meeting between you and your therapist. You can see and hear them, and they can see and hear you. It’s basically the same as being in a room with them.

STEP 4: You can even send each other text chat messages within the meeting.

STEP 5: When your session’s over, you click to leave the meeting, and you can immediately get back to whatever you were doing before.

*Zoom and Doxy are free and easy-to-use encrypted video conferencing tools with no downloading apps required. But if you’d prefer to use Skype, Telegram, or other secure video chat tool, we’re more than happy to consider. (Except Facebook Messenger video calls, because they’re not encrypted.)

We’ve been doing it since 2008

We’re professionally qualified, certified counsellors and psychotherapists, and we’ve been doing online counselling since 2008. (We were even featured in a Sydney Morning Herald article about online counselling in 2015.)

We use mindfulness and other therapy theories to form a framework for internet based counselling and therapy, to help you make sense of your life struggles and move forward. Learn more about the therapies we offer…

Won’t I lose some of the rapport and connection with my therapist?

This is a subjective assumption not commonly reported at scale. In fact, following telehealth therapy many patients report feeling freer to speak openly via an online medium and receive great relief. That said, it is absolutely crucial to speak directly with your therapist about your experience as you adapt to the online therapy model, so he or she may address any challenges together with you.

It’s private and confidential

Naturally, our online counselling sessions are 100% confidential, and we only use video conferencing tools that are encrypted and secure.

Privacy and confidentiality

This is paramount. However, it is important to note as a patient that you have a responsibility to ensure you have privacy. This can sometimes be challenging, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic when multiple people may be at your home simultaneously. Please do all you can to create a private space with appropriate boundaries. Additional considerations to be mindful of are ensuring you dress as you would to attend a session and have a box of tissues and glass of water close by to keep as comfortable as possible throughout the session.

Consider using headphones during your Skype therapy sessions so that less of your conversation can be heard by those in the home. This may equally improve auditory quality for both parties.

More privacy considerations

Determine how comfortable you feel with your therapist as you work together, seeing parts of your home in the background. If you’re uncomfortable with this factor choose a space with nothing personal in the background. Equally, you always have full control over the video camera and can turn it off at any time.


Please try and select a location known to have quality Wifi-signal, if at all possible, and turn off all other screens and applications on your device during the call to reduce disruptions and quality issues. If for some reason call quality does suffer, your therapist will suggest turning the video off and if that doesn’t help, rendering the remainder of the session by telephone.

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