Skype psychotherapy and counselling, anywhere

Why be limited to therapists in one locale? Just imagine receiving psychotherapy or counselling or even hypnotherapy in your own home.

Not in some personal growth seminar kind of way, or ‘new years resolution’ thing. But by aiming directly at the source of your symptoms.

This is where the psychotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy can help. Why? We are university qualified, professional counsellors and psychotherapists. We use mindfulness and other therapy theories to form a framework for internet based counselling and therapy, to help you make sense of your life struggles and move forward.

If you experience low mood, sexual problems, panic, compulsions or other troubles you want to change, we might be able to help. We are located in Melbourne Australia and have conducted online therapy with individuals around Australia and internationally for years.

Hence, no matter where you are based, we can talk online, confidentially. We can also help you change deeply entrenched issues and inner conflicts. It’s free to download Skype.

Do you find yourself feeling excessively guilt ridden? Do you find it hard to identify what you are feeling, or can’t seem to express how you feel? Do you avoid certain emotions? Or do you feel a lot, but not deal with your emotions? Do you often mistrust others? Do you excessively seek to please others and gain their approval? Do you seek to understand why problematic relationships repeat over time even with different partners? These are just some common patterns of ingrained inner conflicts that we can help you to address.

All you need is an internet connection and free software: You can quickly and easily download skype for free. We accept paypal or majoy credit cards. It’s secure and easy to begin..

For some of us, online therapy can feel safer than talking in person. Opening up and sharing yourself can be healing. Sometimes therapy is just easier for people, online, and we respect that. Naturally, our internet based counselling skype sessions are treated confidentially in the same way face to face treatment is. You will receive warm, accepting and non-judgemental Skype counseling.

You’ve already done the toughest part: making the decision to change. Some people ask if they can receive hypnosis via Skype, and it’s not out of the question if you can’t get to us in Melbourne for hypnotherapy. However we never perform hypnotherapy in the initial session for ethical reasons. There’s no substitute for thoroughness.

You don’t have to go it alone. Email a description of what’s on your mind, or just suggest some times, your location and time zone, and we will help you arrange an initial consultation. We will get back to you promptly with details about how to begin Skype psychotherapy.