Overcome Jealousy – Psychotherapy in Melbourne

Constantly worrying about the integrity and longevity of your relationship or being excessively jealous of someone else in your life feels painful. Being in a constant state of anxiety, fear or paranoia is not a healthy state of mind.

While jealousy is a common phenomena that occurs in a range of contexts, it is most often cited in relationship dynamics. Jealousy involves one person perceiving an important figure giving a valued resource (time, attention, love, money) to another person. Individuals who are jealous feel threatened by the other persons presence, fearing that these valued resources are in danger of being reduced or cut off to them. In some situations, the person feeling jealous can attempt to squash or remove their perceived rival to win back the undivided focus of the important person.

Everyone feels jealous from time to time and a degree of jealousy or envy can be natural in a committed relationship. Individuals who struggle with jealousy typically feel insecure, unhappy, harbour unexpressed anger and frustration and have difficulties with interpersonal boundaries. If you are feeling jealous, anxious, or distrustful without apparent reason on a regular basis, you can find support and understanding from one of our counsellors. An unhealthy obsession with your partner and being fraught with worry on an ongoing basis harms your relationship and plagues you with undue stress.

How can we help you with intense jealousy?

Work with our psychotherapists and we can tackle your issues together at our Melbourne-area Bentleigh counselling clinic or you can get private and secure internet counselling sessions via a free tool called Skype. Hypnotherapy can also be helpful and further down this page you can download recommended hypnosis recordings that can also assist… by simply listening.

Don’t let jealousy rob you of happiness and harm your relationships.

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Let‰’s work together to unearth the cause of your jealousy.

Jealousy or possessiveness are often joked about but can do irreparable damage to your relationship. Trust is an essential element of relationships. If your jealousy is unwarranted, you need to figure out why you’re feeling this way and make an action plan to move forward — without being continually worried and jealous. Our counsellors can help you do that. Imagine life without constant jealousy and anxiety. How would that impact your life, your relationships, your time?

Jealousy counselling can be very valuable. One suggested approach is psychotherapy. You could also use mindfulness therapy; through managing your thoughts and responses, feelings of jealousy and anxiety could reduce on their own.

When will I start to feel better?

No two people are the same so no two treatments should be exactly alike. Your treatment largely depends on you but most people begin to feel a difference quickly. Our psychotherapists use appropriate counselling approaches so that we can assess your progress together.

How is Bayside Psychotherapy’s jealousy counselling different?

Beyond having multiple options for obtaining treatment, our approach is different from many other clinics because of our mix of Eastern and Western psychotherapy methods, impartial counselling, mindfulness therapy, and a tailored treatment plan permits a space in which you can explore and understand deeper levels of your mind. We tailor our approach to your needs and unique situation. We use a combination of treatments that will help you overcome your problems in a safe and non-judgmental counselling environment.

If you aren’t in the Melbourne area you can even book an online counselling session. Please call our psychotherapists on (03) 9557 9113 in Melbourne or use our online form to find out if we can help you feel more secure. Your call is completely confidential, and there’s absolutely no obligation.