Anxiety is a syndrome that is becoming increasingly more common around the world, if you’re suffering from this mental affliction remember you’re not the only one. There are 1 in 6 Australians experiencing depression, anxiety or both at any given time- a shocking statistic for which we wish to raise awarness not just of the symptoms, but of how those suffering and those around them can cope.

If you have experience with anxiety or living with those who do, share this infographic and help them to realise you are not alone.

State of Anxiety

This post is part of our Anxiety Awareness Campaign at Bayside Psychotherapy; if you’d like to learn more about the physical symptoms of anxiety you can do so here. We want to help spread an understanding of anxiety and those who experience it in their everyday lives. Whilst each case of anxiety is unique, through sharing knowledge sharing and talking about it the issue we hope to develop a community of people who can help each other.