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Are you experiencing strong feelings of loss and grief, or are you now becoming aware of unprocessed grief from the past? Are you unable to move on and let go? Do you wish you could live in your past rather than the present? Whichever it is, your feelings can be supported and dealt with appropriately. It may be necessary to engage a grief counsellor or psychotherapist to help you come to terms with a loss in your life.

The trained psychotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy have experience treating grief related problems via several methods. We can tailor an approach to support your needs.

What are the grief and loss stages?

This depends on which theory you read. It is impossible to escape loss. Loss and trauma are not confined just to so called objective events in the world, such as death and life transitions. Growing up involves loss, as does being immersed in language which is always incomplete, producing misunderstandings. Misunderstandings can be traumatic.

Whatever theory of grief and loss stages we subscribe to, we are typically reticent to relinquish the demand to be compensated in some way by others, be it financial compensation or otherwise, for the wrongs we believe were inflicted upon us and this stance can have negative consequences. With this stance we hope the other will make us whole again, or at least pay for some of the wrongs we feel were unjustly inflicted upon us once upon a time. The problem, of course is that this debt we feel entitled to can never be repayed in a satisfactory way. Thus perhaps the most important and difficult stage in a grieving process is acceptance, not some intellectual recognition but a reversal of a fixated position or stance towards the world. This reversal is no easy task, especially without help.

We can help you via face-to-face loss and grief counselling online from the comfort of your own home, with online grief and loss counselling. Read on for more details.

Everyone experiences grief at times. Loss of a partner, a parent, a pet, a job, experiencing trauma or any number of losses can trigger us to feel intensely sad, angry, anxious and confused, or go numb, and sometimes question our life priorities and values. And, if we are predisposed to avoiding feelings or to feeling but not dealing, we can struggle with grief and loss even more.

For this reason, an empathic counsellor can help you to feel safe and secure to work through painful and even shameful feelings. Unfortunately our society is not generally skilled in understanding the effects of grief and loss and the emotions that accompany the process. The lack of adequate grieving can result in an experience called ‘complicated grief’, later in life: Grief that is delayed and heightened delivers consequences of anxiety, depression, musculoskeletal conditions and even digestive disturbances.

Don’t let grief take over your life.

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Let’s work together to help you deal with grief and loss

Our grief and loss counsellors work securely online via video conferencing.

Mindfulness therapy and grief therapy can assist you to process safely what you feel, without judgement. Grief is not an “illness.” Your experience of grief and loss is unique, and might even feel overwhelming, but does not mean you are going crazy. Grief is our inbuilt way of dealing with inevitable losses in life. It is a healing and natural process that will leave you free to pursue other relationships, avenues and adventures in life.

The first counselling session aims to find out if you click with your grief counsellor, and how we can help you best. We will help you to feel safe in the room, then help you to transform your feelings of safety into the rest of your life, so you can be with your loss and grief feelings without being overwhelmed by them. This is sometimes achieved through mindfulness therapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, within a tailored style rather than scripted approach. Our unique blend of Eastern and Western therapies means you’ll have a good chance of recovery even if you’ve tried other kinds of grief and loss counselling before.

How Long will Grief and Loss Counselling Take?

Although grieving, and psychotherapy, are more of a process rather than a fixed destination, you could start feeling better quickly. After a few sessions we will know how counselling is helping, and then we will have a clearer idea of how long to expect for lasting change to occur. Our grief counsellors will aim to assist you to become more accepting, in our supportive and non-judgmental space. Recovery from complicated grief can be more time consuming because of the more complex nature and the additional psychological and physical symptoms that can develop. There is also a MP3 hypnosis Relaxation MP3 recording for grief & loss.

How is Bayside Psychotherapy’s Approach to Grief and Loss Different?

We believe that you don’t have to somehow ‘get over it’ in order to move on. When you participate in grief counselling in our online psychotherapy clinic, we work a little differently to what you may be accustomed to. Our therapists blend Eastern and Western counselling methods, which makes our approach unique. Our training in counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and Buddhist psychotherapy means we have a wide range of skills and compassion available to help you through your intense feelings, and help support your journey towards making sense of your life.

It takes courage to start grief and loss counselling, and it could be rewarding and relieving for you too.

Please call our grief counsellors on (03) 9557 9113 or use our online form to make a grief counselling appointment. Your call is completely confidential, and there’s absolutely no obligation.

If you are ready to commence online grief counselling or therapy, book your initial session online.

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