Sex addiction counselling

A sex or fetish addiction can be compulsive and all-consuming. It can take over your life. Are your preoccupations with sex or fetishes preventing you from having healthy relationships with real, authentic intimacy? Do your obsessions take the place of feelings of loneliness, sadness, shame or depression? Are you being deceitful and dishonest to your partner and yourself? Obtaining treatment is vital.

There are ways to approach sexual addictions and fetishes. And, a qualified addiction counsellor can help a sex addict prevent sex addiction relapse as well, with tailored and focused counselling.

What is a sex addict?

A person who compulsively thinks about and engages in various particular sexual acts. A person who uses sex as an avoidance strategy, paradoxically, to ward off closeness and intimacy by turning sex into an act devoid of emotion, depth or lasting connection. Traditional disease models of treatment class sexual or fetish addictions as pathogenic rather than symptomatic of a deeper cause or, put differently, some models of treatment do not regard the symptom as an attempt at solving a problem specific to the individual, thereby erasing the uniqueness of the person who constructed their sexual addiction in the first place. Some sex addicts have a fetish, but not all.

Is my fetish common?

Each fetish is unique insofar as it can never be exchanged, like money or goods can. Your fetish, if you indeed have one, is unique to you. Even if it’s boots, shoes, leather or anything else which captures your sexual focus which may seem universal, the function and meaning will be particular to you. Like a phobia, in a way a fetish may be constructed to solve a deeper anxiety producing problem, albeit unsuccessfully, by fixating energy into a specific object. A sexual addiction is less specific than a fetish, which is always precise, but also may seek to cover up a certain kind of anxiety usually connected with intimate relationships.

In either scenario, a judgemental stance which talks about normal sexuality or fetishes, for instance, as though such a thing can even be defined universally, just leads to more repression of the sexual drives. Our culture has a love affair with telling us to be in control of our lives, so is it any wonder why so many people develop compulsions and feelings of being out of control?

The trained psychotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy have the resources to help you overcome your sex or fetish addiction by going straight for the cause of the compulsion. Working with our psychotherapists provides you direct access to various counselling methods, such as: NLP, hypnotherapy, Buddhist psychotherapy, dream interpretation, mindfulness therapy, and more.

Take control of your life and stop your sex or fetish addiction.

Call us on (03) 9557 9113 or use our contact form to book your online appointment. Let’s work together to help you cure your sex or fetish addiction.

How do you know if your preoccupation with sex has become addictive? Participate in a confidential counselling session to find out. Generally, sexually obsessive symptoms can have ripple effects:

  • Guilt about the addiction
  • Lying or keeping secrets
  • Loss of control
  • Feeling depressed
  • Anxiety or irritability when you can’t satisfy urges or cravings
  • Urges to act irresponsibly or to do things that are illegal or immoral in order to satisfy compulsions
  • Neglecting relationships, work, finances and other commitments in favour of indulging in the addiction

How long will sex addiction counselling take?

No two courses of treatments are the same so your treatment duration will depend on you and on the progress you and your psychotherapist make together. We aim to unearth and resolve the root cause rather than merely offering band-aid fixes. What’s most important is taking the first step to overcome sexual fetish obsessions. Take back control. Call us today.

Is your sex and fetish counselling confidential?

Most of the time yes, and of course, we want our patients to speak freely. However there’s a cautionary note regarding confidentiality: As indicated elsewhere on this site, since our therapists operate within the law you should be aware of limits to confidentiality, for instances involving serious risk to self/other or reported crimes of sexual abuse (as defined by relevant legislation) confidentiality has to be broken. That said, we do our best to listen without any judgement, but please appreciate that we are bound by a broader legal and ethical code too which in some cases means we have to break confidentiality as part of our duty of care (for instance in cases of sexual acts with people under the legal age).

How is Bayside Psychotherapy’s Sex Addiction Counselling Different?

The training our psychotherapists have in counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy (traditional and ericksonian methods), NLP and Buddhist psychotherapy allow us to tailor your treatment to your needs and your progress. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. As treatment progresses, we will work together to ensure you’re comfortable and progressing toward being free from your particular sexual addiction. Our counsellors will also help you be equipped with tools to avoid relapse.

Call our counsellors in on (03) 9557 9113 or use our contact form to schedule your initial step towards recovery. Your call is confidential, and there’s absolutely no obligation.


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