Do you ever have the feeling of uncontrollable panic? Does anxiety overtake you or dominate the way you feel? Are you looking for ways to stop episodes of intense panic so you can not only cope better with everyday life, but enjoy life and thrive in your relationships and work?

Feelings of extreme panic can dominate your life. When panic takes hold it often cannot be controlled. These feelings should not limit the quality of your life. Take action now to address panic!

The trained psychotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy can help you get the answers that will put you in control using anxiety counselling and anxiety hypnotherapy.

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Have you ever suffered from ‘uncontrollable’ physical symptoms such as rapid heart rate or irritable bowel syndrome… shaking or dizziness when confronted with certain situations… hot flushes or terror at the thought of facing an issue in your life? These – and others – can be the symptoms of a panic attack. Sometimes panic seems to arise without cause.

We put the term ‘uncontrollable’ in inverted commas… because the occurrence of panic episodes can be controlled. It just has to be done right. Just as there is a negative trigger in your mind that controls your reactions, that pushes the ‘panic button’, our psychotherapists can help you find a positive trigger – through techniques ranging from counselling to anxiety hypnotherapy – to give you a way to take back control of your reactions.

Panic occurs when your physical state stops you from dealing with a situation. The overwhelming anxiety at a psychological and physiological level stops the part of our brain responsible for logic, reasoning and problem solving from functioning. Feelings of panic can be a reaction to a specific situation… it can be brought on by a sudden emotional feeling… it can be triggered by thoughts. The key is to identify the source of your panic attacks and take control.

Let’s work together to find those triggers and the keys to switch them off

Our trained counsellors can work with you using anxiety counselling, psychotherapy or anxiety hypnotherapy to get you taking steps in the right direction. We can examine the situations where panic episodes occur and examine the thoughts and emotions that you feel. You may say: ‘I don’t know what brings on my feelings of panic’ but as trained psychotherapists, we can assure you that there is always a cause. Working together we can find it and take steps to lessening the impact of panic on your life.

It is best if we can work person to person – this way your counsellor can ask the right questions to find what is causing these panic episodes and their manifestations.

We can achieve this through online therapy using Skype (counselling, psychotherapy or mindfulness therapy only).

Of course, if you want to take positive steps right now then by all means make use of this ‘Stop Panic Attacks’ Hypnosis download as one strategy for dealing with panic attacks. But even if you choose this and it has some positive effects, for the best possible results… for the tools to deal with panic… for the path to simply feeling better about your life … then it is best if we conduct sessions together.

Help for panic attacks

In our sessions we can examine a range of approaches that include counselling and Buddhist psychotherapy, meditation exercises, breathing relaxation and body scanning, existential therapy, psychoanalytic and psychodynamic treatments, dream analysis, NLP, anxiety hypnotherapy and more. The main key is to find what suits you and which method works best. In all of this it’s important to keep in mind that we won’t be the one answering all the questions; we’ll be guiding you to deal with your panic and put you in control.

You can book an appointment to begin addressing panic attacks by calling (03) 9557 9113 or using our contact form. Your call is completely confidential, and there’s absolutely no obligation.

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