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Germ phobias, ebola and human relationships

Submitted by on 22nd Oct 2014

What is germ phobia? Sometimes articulated as Mysophobia (Germophobia), a germ phobia characterises a disproportionate emotional arousal in response to a thought associated with contamination through contact with germs (whether real or imagined). Germophobia is often thought to arise in some instances of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) however it’s possible to also have germophobia and […]


Trichotillomania Study: Reneta Slikboer

Submitted by on 8th Oct 2014

A little known condition called trichotillomania (otherwise known as compulsive hair pulling) was once thought of as rare. This is no longer the case with estimates ranging from 0.6% to 3.4 % (Christenson, Pyle, & Mitchell, 1991). This means that approximately 285,000 individuals in the state of Victoria have firsthand experience of hair pulling. This […]


Anxiety Stories: Ann Santori

Submitted by on 3rd Oct 2014

Anxiety disorders manifest through many different symptoms, and one of these can be mysophobia (aka germophobia). It is an issue that is more common than you may have realised, one which often leads to disrupted lives with increased levels of stress and anxiety. In order to find out more about this condition from the inside […]