Do you have fear in social situations? Social phobia, also known as social anxiety, can be really tough. While most feel anxious or stressed before certain social situations, some people exhibit extreme anxiety and panic at the thought of those situations. When that anxiety starts to take over your life, it’s time to act. If you need treatment, our therapists can provide you with the tools and knowledge to help you manage social anxiety effectively.

The trained psychotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy draw from experience with many forms of treatment for anxieties, phobias, stress, and fears. We can help you better cope with social situations and manage the feelings of panic and fear in your life.

How can we help you with social anxiety? We offer online counselling sessions allowing you and your therapist to talk via a private connection. We also recommend self hypnosis recordings which can complement treatment. You can download recommended hypnosis recordings to help you overcome social phobia and anxiety by simply listening.

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Don’t let social fears control you and rob you of joy!

Social Phobia Treatment

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Let’s work together to help you combat social anxiety!

How do you know if you have a problem with social anxiety? It’s more than just shyness. There are physiological symptoms of social fears that could include:

  • Intense worry and rumination
  • Rapid breathing
  • Imagining worst case scenarios
  • Sleep problems
  • Heart palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Stomach and digestive disturbances, such as IBS
  • Twitching
  • Trouble breathing

Furthermore, this fear can not only impact how you feel but it could hamper productivity in your life as well as harm personal relationships. It can be difficult to express your feelings to family and friends and your lack of participation in social events could cause misunderstandings, bitterness and frustration. And perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this is that others tell you, “don’t worry”, and this results in your feeling even worse.

The good news is that expert social anxiety counselling help is available. It can often be managed by mindfulness therapy or hypnotherapy through changing habitual thoughts and responses.

When will I get better?

A lot of people begin to feel better almost the moment they start treatment. The act of taking control of your situation might be empowering enough to make a difference on its own. Not everyone is the same, though, and so treatment types and timelines will vary based on the individual.

How is Bayside Psychotherapy’s treatment different?

Many options for treatment are available to you at Bayside Psychotherapy. Rather than use a homogeneous approach, your therapist will tailor the approach to you using a combination of treatments to help you overcome social anxiety attacks and feelings of panic or stress.

The approach applied depends on what appears like a good fit for you, and may include one or a combination of Buddhist Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Dream work, NLP, Hypnotherapy and other counselling methods. We aim to discover what works best for you to manage anxiety and its causes. With our counselling and hypnotherapy treatments (or both) you will soon be on the way to inner peace and real happiness with a blissfully busy social calendar. And to help you get a jump start feel free to download the recommended Stop Social Phobia recording.

You can meet with a psychotherapist for online counselling via secure video conferencing. Please call us on (03) 9557 9113 or use our contact form to find out if we can help you enjoy your social life again. Your call or email is completely confidential, and there’s absolutely no obligation.

Of course, if you’re ready to book your initial session, you can do so online.

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