Treatment In Stopping Junk Food Habits – Melbourne

Is your junk food consumption out of control? Are you bingeing on sugary, fatty and unhealthy food on a regular basis? Maybe it’s the TV eating, comfort eating, or night time eating and bingeing that’s turning into an addiction for you and chances are you’re probably not happy with the output --- especially if the number on the scale seems to have crept (or even leapt) up. It’s important to your wellness and to your health that you resolve your habit to eat unhealthy food. A lot of people have inadvertently made eating dessert, pizza, hamburgers or chocolate a reward and that has created an addiction to fat, sugar or overeating. Many complain that they feel powerless to stop. Therapy can help you regain control of powerful urges and restore your physical and mental health.

The trained psychotherapists and hypnotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy have experience in addiction counselling and can help you to develop healthy eating habits. We can work with you at the clinic in Bentleigh or you can get help via home-based counselling with internet chat. There are also recommend downloadable hypnosis recordings available to help you with any food issues in the comfort and privacy of your own house. Whichever way you decide to get help, taking that first step is important. Do it now.

Stop eating rubbish and start getting healthier!

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We can work together and you can become enthralled with eating the right foods

Can people become addicted to sugary and fatty foods? Many believe that fat and sugar are psychologically addictive. Today’s society is plagued with obesity issues resulting poor eating habits and the convenience of fast food. When people eat a vast amount of sugar and fat on a regular basis, they crave more. Because food can change our mood, it can become something we turn to when we’re stressed, anxious, depressed, lonely, angry or scared. Most people with food-related issues don’t turn to a healthy salad or to a piece of fruit, though. Unfortunately, most indulge in less-than-healthy foods, such as sugar-laden sweets or take-away, which has too many calories, sugar, fat, and trans-fats to be good for you. Most of the fast food out there is totally bereft of nutritional value. Unhealthy habits can lead to fatigue, depression, anxiety, poor body image, physical problems such as high cholesterol and diabetes, and set a poor example for those who look up to you. If you are having trouble stopping on your own, counselling and mindfulness therapy could help a lot.

Eating excessive amounts of high calorie nutritionally empty foods will result in becoming overweight and listless. There are many risks associated with obesity, such as: heart disease, diabetes, elevated blood pressure and increased probability of stroke.

Trying to stop on your own may result in a relapse or could result in feelings of deprivation, withdrawal, powerlessness, anger and depression. But with the right treatment, you can stop eating unhealthy foods and enjoy eating healthier food. If not now, when?

How long will treatment take?

Some people are able to change their thoughts and habits in just a few therapy sessions, with techniques such as neuro linguistic programming, which helps you change how you feel about unhealthy food and your reactions to anxiety. Willingness to participate in your treatment is a big factor in how much treatment you will need. We can help you feel differently about eating healthy and even about exercise, so you can get your body and mind to a healthier state.

How is Bayside Psychotherapy's treatment different?

Treatment at Bayside Psychotherapy caters to the individual needs of the person seeking help. Our training and methods enable us to work with patients individually and base treatment on a customized approach. If a method is not working, we can tweak your counselling plan to come up with a better option for you. If we choose NLP and that’s not working well, we can work on mindfulness therapy. We can work in the office, over the internet, or a combination of the two. Our therapists work with you to help you overcome your eating issues in a way that suits you.

You can also download a recommended Junk Food TV hypnosis recording that can help you break the cycle of eating rubbish while watching TV as well. Set up your appointment by calling (03) 9557 9113 or using our contact form. We can meet via online counselling if you can't get to Melbourne. Your call is completely confidential, and there's absolutely no obligation.