Overcome Anorgasmia With Psychotherapy Services Melbourne

Anorgasmia, or difficulty experiencing an orgasm, tends to impact women more than men. Worrying about not being able to have an orgasm can ruin the entire sexual experience and prevent you from having an orgasm. Any sexual disorder, sex phobia, or anxiety should be addressed for your sake and for the sake of any intimate relationship that you are in (or hope to have).

The trained psychotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy are uniquely equipped to handle a variety of fears, phobias, compulsions, addictions, and emotional issues. Working with our psychotherapists provides you with access to a wide array of counselling methods. We can recommend NLP, hypnotherapy, Buddhist psychotherapy, dream interpretation, mindfulness therapy, or other options. When you meet with one of our psychotherapists, we offer flexible appointments either via online counselling or at ourMelbourne office in Bentleigh. We have a lot of experience dealing with both men and women who have had fears and aversions. We can help you if you suffer with anorgasmia if you are willing to address your issues. Visit here for pricing.

Enjoy sex again ‰- overcome anorgasmia!

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Anorgasmia can relate to a number of deeper issues. Whether there is sexual trauma in your past, a breach of intimate trust, fear of intimacy, or an aversion to sex, it deeply impacts your life and can result in anxiety, depression, and harm your relationships. Counselling can uncover reasons and more importantly, it can help you move on to have a healthy opinion about sex and your own sexuality.

How long will Anorgasmia treatment take?

The road to sexual wellness varies. But most people who start treatment begin to feel better immediately, partially because they are taking action and can often see an end in sight. Frequently however there are repressed conflicts which take time to uncover and work through in psychotherapy.

Bayside Psychotherapy’s Anorgasmia Hypnosis and Counselling is Different

Your treatment will be individualised, based on our initial meeting together. Our extensive training and expertise in various areas of sexual-related treatment provide us with various options for your treatment.

Recommended treatments may include counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy (traditional and ericksonian methods), NLP or Buddhist psychotherapy or group therapy. As we work to ensure you’re comfortable and progressing well toward being free of fears, anxiety, and sexual aversion we will alter treatment to suit your needs. Above and beyond our years of experience, you can count on the fact that our counselling skills aim to put you at ease so that we can work through your issues at a level that makes you comfortable.

You can also download helpful recommended recordings to help you get started: Reach Orgasm recording. Ready to address the issues influencing anorgasmia? Call us on (03) 9557 9113 or use our online form to enquire or make a confidential appointment, without any obligation.