Nearly everyone has a conscience and sometimes that conscience is really hard on us. Guilt arises when we perceive or believe that our behaviour has failed to meet a prescribed external standard. It may be a standard that a particular individual holds or standards that are socially sanctioned (such as infidelity, dishonesty or stealing). While guilt can provide a vague moral compass to shape our behaviour to be socially acceptable, guilt is only useful up to a point. When regular guilt becomes neurotic or excessive, guilt is relentless, harsh and incredibly self-punitive. Nothing is ever good enough.

Are you constantly experiencing irrational, excessive guilt? Guilt can plague you and impacting your daily life in ways you can’t even notice. Uncontrolled guilt can sabotage your career, your relationships, your physical health, and of course, your emotions. Is it time to overcome your feelings of guilt or shame? Hypnotherapy, self hypnosis, NLP, counselling and mindfulness therapy can help you overcome guilt and shame.

The trained psychotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy can help you to manage overwhelming guilt. We can work together through secure online meetings from the comfort of and privacy of your own home. We also recommend several options for hypnotherapy recordings that can help you overcome guilt and shame as well.

Overcome unnecessary guilt

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What’s the difference between shame and guilt?

Individuals who experience chronic and excessive guilt often feel enormous shame as well. Sometimes guilt and shame are terms used interchangeably but they each reflect distinct concepts. While guilt relates to a failure to behave in accordance with a certain standard, shame refers to the self being worthless, hopeless, bad, ugly, toxic and unlovable. It is an excruciating experience and understandably many people go to great lengths to avoid coming face to face with shame buried deep inside. Haven’t you felt guilty long enough?

Some people feel such guilt and shame about something that they fall into a destructive cycle of self-punishment. For whatever they’re guilty of, they feel like they don’t deserve to be happy. Whether the guilty and shameful feelings seem warranted or not, it’s important to seek counselling when guilt takes over your life. In fact, managing irrational guilt can be helpful for your physical health as well as everything else. Some consequences of letting guilt weigh you down can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Lack of confidence
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Lack of satisfying relationships
  • Loneliness
  • Self loathing and self criticism
  • Self harming behaviours (including addictions, cutting, eating disorders, and gambling),

You can seek our counselling, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy services to help you with managing guilt. Our counsellors develop an approach based on your problems to help you to move on. Regardless of what happened in the past, it is possible for the future to be brighter and you do deserve a better life.

Will Treatment Take Very Long?

This depends how willing you are to address your guilt, and why you are experiencing irrational and excessive guilt. In our experience, most people who have intense guilt need to take time to feel safe enough in treatment to be able to explore, understand and resolve their guilt. Even if you have had other types of counselling, there is hope. We find mindfulness therapy very effective. Our training in counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy (traditional and ericksonian methods of hypnotism), NLP and Buddhist psychotherapy, puts us in a position to help you try new methods of treatment to help you overcome your unresolved guilt issues.

How are Bayside Psychotherapy’s treatment options different from others?

We provide unique Melbourne based and online counselling customised to your unique situation. Because our counsellors have a combination of experience in various approaches, we can draw from that knowledge to create a unique treatment program that is based on your history, your goals, and your desire for effectively managing unnecessary guilt.

Our counsellors will work with you to determine together what is best for you to manage your symptoms and causes. Letting go is a valuable skill and we use mindfulness meditation to help you. Our methods look at you as a unique person who requires a targeted set of counselling options.

If you prefer a Skype appointment, online counselling can be arranged. Check out dealing with guilt recommended recordings as well. Whether the burden you’re carrying is old or fairly new, getting help is a step to moving on today.

Please call us on (03) 9557 9113 in Melbourne to find out if we can help you stop punishing yourself with excess guilt. Your call is completely confidential, and there’s absolutely no obligation.

If you are ready to begin treatment, schedule your initial session here.

Note: Whilst we will do our best to assist you, we will rely upon your commitment and collaboration to the treatment process in an endeavour to optimise results. Although some of our therapists work with people presenting with this condition, no guarantees of any outcomes can be made.

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