Many call stress the plague of the 21st century. Stress management techniques can help you more effectively cope with the continuous demands on your life. If you have trouble with stress, it can impact your health, your family, your career… everything. Get help from a qualified counsellor and stop letting stress control you.

The trained psychotherapists at Bayside Psychotherapy can help you reduce stress’s impact on your life. Our training and knowledge will help you better cope and reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety in your life.

Stress can dominate your life and result in diminished quality of life as well as serious health consequences. Take action now to manage your stress.

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Stress can manifest itself in many ways, such as: rapid heart rate, irritable bowel syndrome, nightmares, poor appetite, not to mention domestic arguments, snapping at your children, and panic attacks. Counselling and anxiety hypnotherapy can help you better manage your stress and your reactions to any stress in your life.

Stress Management Counselling Can Help You Cope

Let’s work together to help you manage stress.

Our therapists work with you using relaxation techniques, anxiety counselling, psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation to help you better cope with stress.

Stress management techniques can include:

  • Hypnotherapy. Downloadable recordings can help you with relaxation, organization, and motivation, despite a busy and stressful life.
  • Counselling and mindfulness therapy can teach you to identify causes of destructive emotions. Very often this type of counselling can help you feel less overwhelmed.

How long will it take me to manage my stress?

There are many stress management techniques out there. Some people are able to adapt quickly with relaxation, meditation, and NLP therapy. Others need more in-depth analysis and counselling so that they are better able to cope with the demands in their internal and external environment. Unresolved issues may be present and the willingness to participate in your treatment is a factor. The good news is that treatments are flexible and the approach is centred based on your needs and your goals. We can assess your treatment method on an ongoing basis and discontinue or space treatments out when required.

What Makes Bayside’s Stress Management Programs Different?

A blend of East & West: Mindfulness meditation and counselling can help enormously. Instead of a one-size fits most approach, our extensive background and training allows us to blend multiple counselling treatments together, helping you receive maximum benefit and faster results from your tailored stress management program. If treatment methods are not working, we can draw from other disciplines to help you find something more suitable. Our approach is tailored to your goals and needs.

In our sessions we will examine a range of approaches that could include various counselling methods and stress management techniques, such as: meditation exercises, mindfulness therapy, counselling and NLP and hypnotherapy and more.

Our main objective is to help you more easily cope with the demands of your life. Your therapist isn’t going to be the one answering all the questions. They’ll be working with you so you can deal with your stress more effectively, putting you in control. You can also check out an instant stress management recording.

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