COVID 19 Update

Australia has pulled off nothing short of a miracle in containing the spread of coronavirus across the country. The measures that have been taken to achieve this are extreme and although there is great reason to be hopeful that coronavirus won’t cause the level of suffering and death it has inflicted overseas, we are still in the early stages of managing our response to this pandemic.

Here at Bayside Psychotherapy, we have been working diligently each day to provide a comprehensive and professional service to our clients to support them in coping better and feeling better inside themselves. We hope the lifting of restrictions over the past week or two has restored a little more of normal life. For many the opportunity to see friends and family and gather in small groups according to local guidelines has been uplifting and liberating after being confined at home for many weeks.

While Australia has seemed to have avoided the devastation of coronavirus, concerns remain about the possibility of a “second wave” of cases that have the potential to coincide with our winter cold and flu season. There is some evidence that coronavirus is more problematic in cold and damp climates (although the validity of such evidence is yet to be established) and with winter quickly approaching, the team at Bayside Psychotherapy are mindful of how rapidly cases may escalate in the next few months especially with a loosening of restrictions whereby children will be back at school and many adults will transition from working at home back into their office or work environment.

Businesses that have been working from home are being encouraged to continue doing so as restrictions relax. Given the efficacy of online therapy and its reduced spread of covid-19 to zero risk compared with face to face therapy, we feel our decision to wait is well reasoned.

To protect you and your family, we have made the decision to continue to exclusively offer our services online, at least until the end of winter. Health care workers are part of the “super spreader” category meaning we have the potential to transmit viruses and bugs to a large volume of people. Our team want to keep you safe and are ready to continue to provide the highest standard of care for your mental health via our telehealth counselling services. You can continue to have your sessions via phone counselling or through online counselling using a video conference platform such as Doxy or Zoom. Over the past seven weeks we have had positive feedback regarding the ease of online counselling services including the ability to access a session from the comfort of home and the relief of not having to travel via car or public transport to our clinic.